Race and Genomics Teach-In

April 20, 2022
5:00-6:30 p.m. PT
Zoom (Virtual)

In our next teach-in, the REPAIR Project will be hosting a conversation with Dr. Keolu Fox, an assistant professor at University of California, San Diego who holds affiliations with the Department of Anthropology, the Global Health Program, the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute, the Climate Action Lab, and the Indigenous Futures Lab. As a Kānaka Maoli (i.e. indigenous Hawaiian) scholar and researcher, Dr. Fox’s work engages genomic sequencing and engineering, evolutionary genetics, and paleogenetics, as well as the histories of racecraft, settler colonialism, ethno-racial classifications in clinical practice, and the social and political implications of these conclusions for indigenous communities and the scientific ethics of contemporary genomic sciences.

Zoom info: https://ucsf.zoom.us/j/94129049247?pwd=NWkvNUlYSUNnbi9vUUo4S1ZDTmlKdz09