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Annual Events

An Orientation

The year starts off with an Orientation to lay groundwork for each year's strategic theme and convey common purpose. Orientations may be a conversation between scholars and activists, panel discussions, or town hall events.

Campus Forums with guest speakers and community organizations

Each year will include three events featuring invited speakers addressing the annual theme through their research and activism. The invited speakers will hold a public lecture in addition to small-group book talks or lunch seminars with graduate students.

Student-Led Panel

A mid-year event will provide a forum for conversation with key stakeholders from UCSF and the community, organized and moderated by graduate and clinical students. This panel conversation will allow university leadership to discuss opportunities to enact institutional change. 

Action Gallery

A showcase event for the many projects at UCSF in different departments, programs, or divisions which are doing work to eliminate racial bias and race-based structural inequalities. This event aims to host and create cross-disciplinary conversation, to share best practices and discuss challenges, and to bridge the gap between institutional silos.