Imagining Medical Abolition

To read more about Medical Abolition, please see our Resource Repository on Medical Abolition.

Want to hear more from our panelists?

Here is some of their published work or work featuring their contributions: 

Carolyn Sufrin, MD, PhD, @cbsufrin
Associate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Johns Hopkins University

Carlos Martinez, MPH, @mysticarlos
PhD Candidate, Medical Anthropology, UCSF

Jason Glenn, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of History and Philosophy and Medicine, University of Kansas Medical Center

Vinny Eng, @vinnyeng
Board Member, Openhouse, and Director of Policy and Advocacy, Safer Together

  • Openhouse works to center the voices and experiences of LGBTQ+ older adults by providing opportunities to make social connections and buildl communities. Get involved by volunteering or donating
  • Safer Together brings antigen COVID-19 testing to community based organizations, schools, camps, after-school programs, and other organizations serving children and their families in the SF Bay Area.