Imagining Medical Abolition
Join us Nov 4, 3:30 - 5 p.m. as we kick-off this year with an introduction to our annual strategic theme: Medical Abolition.
Upcoming Year 2 Events
Please join us for our events and initiatives centered around the theme of Medical Abolition.
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What is The REPAIR Project?

The REPAIR Project is a three year strategic initiative designed to address Anti-Black Racism and augment Black, Indigenous, People of Color voices and presence in Science and Medicine and healthcare. "REPAIR" is an acronym for REParations and Anti-Institutional Racism, which provides the unifying theme behind this project.

We recognize that long-standing racial inequities in health, health care institutions and scholarship are a result of structural violence and systemic racism. Through the REPAIR Project, we seek to open conversation and promote efforts to rectify and eliminate these problems.

Critical Race theorists remind us that discussions of injustices experienced by Black Americans continue to distill and serve as a guide for addressing racial injustice for other groups. Our initiative starts the conversation with themes emergent from the Black Lives Matter Movement and works outward to problems that are nested in larger institutional medical and health care structures, including race and cultures of carcerality, and the implicit racial biases of scholarly practices of science, medical research and clinical practice.

Strategic Annual Themes

  • Year One: Medical Reparations
  • Year Two: Medical Abolitionism
  • Year Three: Decolonizing the Health Sciences

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